A Proven, Effective Method 

The English Club is being used successfully in classrooms and by teachers, tutors, and families around the world! The English Club gradually builds learners' confidence and knowledge, starting with a few letters, combining these into words and the words into stories and games. 


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The English Club  Workbooks

The five colorful English Club workbooks, each with ten levels, contain all the 50 levels of material in the app. The books can be used alone or together with the app, and are also popular for group and classroom use. A Teachers' Guide is also available!


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Watch our Video on YouTube

See an explanation of how the method works, and find dozens of animated tips to English from the app to use with all English learners.

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Parents and teachers say

"I am so happy to see its potential for teaching both non-readers and weak pupils who are having difficulty learning to read."

S.G., classroom English teacher

"Great progress was made at every lesson. He particularly looked forward to playing the game at the end of each lesson."

S.G., tutor and classroom teacher

"I found that the learner benefits from knowing the steps of the lessons. The learner quickly realizes what to expect at every stage."

S.H., classroom teacher

"The constant review built into this system is great for children with learning issues, and an important component for all learners - the more they practice, the more automatic the material will become."

Z.R., classroom teacher

"I taught two second graders this year according to the system. They liked it very much. They became the best students in their English class."

J.L.N., certified tutor

"My gifted dyslexic daughter sat in English class for 4 years and didn't learn the letters, never mind reading and writing. This approach worked miracles: she learned to read and write, soaked up vocabulary, and is today a fluent English reader and speaker."

A.G., mother and multi-lingual tour guide

"This method brings the student success, which brings achievement. Success builds motivation. The learner is always eager to continue!"

L.M., English teacher

"I am using this method with students ranging in age from 6 to 18, including both non-native English speakers and students from English-speaking homes who never learned to read."

K.D.P., certified English tutor

"It felt so good that S. succeeded so beautifully with the method and I see now that, for some children, the structure is essential."

J.B., tutor and classroom teacher